The road well travelled

A public corporation, Translink’s role is to provide public transport (rail and bus) to the residents of Northern Ireland.  Morrow Communications has acquired a deep understanding of this client, based on many years’ working in partnership with Translink to execute results-driven campaigns. Having renewed this relationship again in 2021, Morrows’ role is very much about helping Translink to promote the value of public transport and highlight its benefits to the travellers and commuters of all types and backgrounds, as well as to wider Northern Ireland society.

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This role is not without its challenges.  As is the case in all developed countries, most people in Northern Ireland have a deep and long-standing love affair with the car. But in adversity, lies opportunity.   Morrows provides strategic communication solutions for the various brands under the Translink banner, harnessing creativity to tell powerful stories, and promoting public transport as a serious and preferable mode of travel for many people. We also support their engagement with a wide variety of stakeholder groups to reinforce the message that public transport belongs to everyone in Northern Ireland and that it has a vital role in addressing climate change and achieving net zero targets.

This account draws on all strands of Morrow Communications’ expertise, from pure PR and event management, to video production and stakeholder engagement plus the tactical use of digital and social media to engage positively with customers. At the end of the day however, it is all about results and Morrows’ goal in all of its communications support is, quite literally to get ‘bums on seats’ and build support for investment in public transport. 

To this end, we are always delighted to be recognised for our work on various Translink campaigns over recent years when we have picked up numerous industry awards. Most recently this has included ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ and ‘Best Travel, Leisure and Tourism Campaign’ for the Translink Rainbows and Trainbows covid response initiative in the CIPR Pride Awards 2021/22.

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