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Tellus is an award-winning aerial mapping and ground-level soil sampling programme being undertaken by the Geological Survey  Ireland. The chemical and geophysical data that Tellus collects will help to shape the management of Ireland’s environment and natural resources for decades to come. With the programme on track to achieve its goal of 50% coverage of the island of Ireland by 2017, Morrow Communications was engaged in communicating the various strands of the programme, and the benefits accruing from it, to a wide range of stakeholders.

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The aerial element of the survey involved overhead flights as low as 60 metres – about 8 times the height of an average house. So it was imperative that members of the farming community, with animals on the land and especially those in the equine world, should be made well aware in advance both of the purpose of the survey, and when the overhead flights will occur. Communications activity was therefore very methodical and well organised.  It embraced a range of above and below the line strategies, with regular news articles appearing in local press and radio, targeted advertising, as well as widespread community engagement via leaflet distribution, briefings and stakeholder outreach.

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This combination worked very effectively – as did the proactive approach to communication as the team at Morrow Communications also acted as the first line of communication by manning an active freephone information line for Tellus. Of the many hundreds of calls requesting information and feedback, less than 3% have constituted any form of complaint. We supported the project through a number of phases across the island of Ireland.

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