By fair means and fowl

Moy Park is not only one of the UK’s top 15 food companies, it is also Northern Ireland’s largest private sector employer (6,300 employees) and one of Europe’s leading poultry producers. As with many of its clients, the work that Morrow Communications undertakes with Moy Park embraces both its corporate communications as well as brand PR. To this end, the Morrows team provides all PR support, and works closely with Moy Park’s senior managers to position the company not just as a major UK food producer, but, with three factories on continental Europe, as an increasingly vital player in the wider European market.

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With a bias towards the corporate end of the communications scale, much of the day-to-day PR activity encompasses media relations, customer liaison, engagement with industry stakeholders and reputation management. The scope of the work delivered for Moy Park is broad and often draws on the wider portfolio of resources within Morrow Communications.  The Events team, for example, plays a vital role in trade shows, such as the Balmoral Show. In addition, the Video Production team has created a number of corporate videos, as well as engaging recipe videos showing great ways to cook chicken.

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Looking ahead, Morrow’s PR challenge will be to convey the full scale of Moy Park to its wider audiences.  Not only does Moy Park now have a secure operational base in Europe, but it is also part of the Brazilian food giant, JBS, one of the largest food producers in the world.  As new processes, products and efficiencies come into play through this association, Moy Park will be able to draw on the experience and commitment of Morrow Communications to ensure its messages are heard.

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Close attention to detail

In addition to being one of the UK’s top 15 food companies, Moy Park is also Northern Ireland’s largest private sector employers (6,300 employees) and a leading European poultry producer. The event team’s engagement with Moy Park has evolved over recent years, in line with the client’s ongoing relationship with Morrow Communications’ PR division.

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The events team provides support with the quarterly senior management conferences, making sure that the venues in Northern Ireland and England are completely suitable and that all technology works seamlessly during each conference. Although small in the overall scheme of things, these events are highly significant in Moy Park’s calendar, and Morrow’s attention to detail is an important factor in the continued success.

The events team has also taken charge of Moy Park’s sponsorship arrangements for a number of high profile sporting events, such as the World Cup and the Irish Open.

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