The Ulster Independent Clinic in south Belfast is recognised for setting new standards in independent healthcare and private hospitals in Northern Ireland for well over 35 years It is still considered the principal provider of private healthcare in the region and is proud of its charitable status that guarantees that any surplus profits that are made are reinvested in full in the continual development of the hospital.

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The Clinic is constantly investing in new facilities and technologies to ensure it remains at the leading edge of medical intervention including the recent investment of £1.5 m in a world-leading spectral imaging CT scanner which is the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland and only the second to be installed in Europe.

Morrow Communications have supported the Clinic in its communications for several years, including advising it on its communications strategy, media relations, advertising, video content as well as managing its key strategic partnerships, including that with Ulster Rugby, where it is the official healthcare provider to the team.

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