The human face of technology

There are not many organisations that can claim to “…touch the lives of 99% of the UK population every day…”, but such is the case with Fujitsu, the leading Japanese ICT company. Indeed at a local level, with over 800 employees in Northern Ireland, the company has a very direct impact not only on homes and families here, but also on the regional economy.

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Morrow Communications involvement with this client extends back, well let’s just say, many years.  During that time, the nature of the message has changed beyond recognition, as has the marketing emphasis. Today Fujitsu is very much about human-centric innovation – technology for human benefit.  Morrow’s role is to carry that message to a range of audiences, but to do so in ways that are aligned with the quietly understated nature of this company.


The team draws on the full range of in-house resources – PR and stakeholder engagement of course, but increasingly too, social media and online communications design are being drawn into the mix.  AV has come to the fore too, as Fujitsu moves to capture its work and the events it participates in on film.

And there are such fascinating stories to tell – Fujitsu’s technology touches on everything from healthcare for our aging population, to providing real-time information to farmers on the health status of their cattle.  Fujitsu is helping to solve major world problems. Morrow Communications is helping to tell that story.

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