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AIB (formerly) First Trust Bank is one of Morrow Communications’ most long-standing clients.  The relationship has endured and evolved throughout various economic cycles, and today Morrows provide strategic marketing and communications support to the bank’s strong internal team across most areas – PR, media relations, events, graphic design, video production, social media and speech writing.

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So, how do the Morrows team keep it fresh and vibrant, year after year?  Part of the answer to that lies in the very nature of banking – it’s a field which has changed radically over the past decade, so the challenges which Morrows address are constantly changing, as indeed are the audiences.  But there are also benefits in having a deep understanding of a client’s business.  It means the Morrow team can plan and schedule activities in the long term but equally respond quickly in the short term, be that through media relations, event management or digital channels.

  • First Trust Bank - Corporate Leadership Programme - Belfast - Northern Ireland

A key element of what Morrows do is to tell the bank’s story through the customers’ eyes, and here the Video Production team plays a vital role  – capturing case studies and testimonials, getting feedback on events and programmes. Plus there are natural synergies between the two companies – both First Trust Bank and Morrow Communications have strength in, and a deep understanding of, the agri-food sector, for example.

But in banking, as in marketing, there’s never time to stand still.   Morrow’s primary goal is always to help the bank communicate better and in turn, to do better for them.

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