Life on the Lough

During 2014-2015, Morrow Communications completed a year-long, documentary style piece which captures life in, on and around Strangford Lough and its surrounding areas. Commissioned by DOWN District Council, the five-minute films embrace a number of themes, including the heritage of the area, wildlife, outdoor activities, landscapes, seascapes as well as ‘My Lough’, which charts the stories of the artists, sailors, boat makers and rangers who live and work around Strangford Lough. These ‘shorts’ were shown on the Council’s tourism web site. The footage was subsequently edited into a 28-minute documentary and this was broadcast on the American TV Channel, Today’s Ireland.

What an event!

Whatever the Council event may be – Hallowtides, Christkindle, Harvest Festivals, St Patrick’s Day Celebrations – the Morrow Communications team is on the scene, capturing the excitement, the drama and of course the faces of those taking part. Shown on Newry, Mourne and Down District Council’ web site, these films are not only a show piece for each event in the Council’s calendar, they also serve to encourage visitors to return again next year.

A lark in the park

When Newry Mourne and Down District Council opened a new community centre in Kilbroney Forest Park, Morrow Communications was commissioned to film a series of five events taking place there. Although promotional in nature, these films also capture the essential element of fun that brings a human touch to a corporate video.

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