Bringing Culture to life

This commission stemmed from an initial proposal made to the Ulster-Scots Agency and has since blossomed into an important educational resource for schools across Northern Ireland. It came about through the recognition by the Video Production team at Morrows that there appeared to be a dearth of collateral to help the Ulster-Scots Agency fulfil its remit, i.e.: “promotion of greater awareness and use of Ullans (the Ulster-Scots language) and of Ulster-Scots cultural issues……”

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By linking with NI Screen’s Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund (USBF), the Video Production team was able to secure funding to produce “Our Innovators”, a series of short films which focus on six key innovators of Ulster-Scots origin. Those featured include Harry Ferguson (hydraulic tractor), Professor Pantridge (defibrillator) and John Dunlop (pneumatic tyre).

In line with the theme of innovation, Morrows took the bold step of having each innovator’s story told by pupils at different primary schools, an approach which has helped to heighten the relevance of the material produced. Designed for Key Stage 2, and with full CCEA approval, the entire resource will be located on a bespoke web site, providing access to teachers’ guides and interactive material.

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