Do you ever wonder…‘why?’

An essential part of the human condition is our need to question…to query…to wonder. The BBC iWonder web platform,, is designed to address this need in an engaging and contemporary manner. Rigorously researched and delivered by presenters who understand their subject, iWonder offers intriguing, ‘bite-size’ insights to pertinent issues and topical subjects across every facet of life on earth.

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In 2016, the AV team at Morrow Communications was appointed as a contributor to this prestigious BBC resource. Their appointment is not only a tangible recognition of the outstanding high-end production values which Morrows’ AV team bring to their work, it is also an accolade for the creativity and scrupulous attention to detail for which they are renowned. Morrows completed a number of engaging guides for BBC iWonder. Produced entirely in-house, their rich content with video, animation, and interactives creates tantalising answers to a diverse range of subjects, from species extinction, to the legal risks posed by social media.

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